Sr. R&D Operations Manager

Company Name:
PureVision Technology, Inc.
The Senior R&D Operations Manager will be responsible for managing the Companys technical team to achieve the development and optimization of converting biomass feedstocks into pulp, sugars and lignin at pilot plant scale operation. The role will emphasize integration of a new extruder-based technology with ancillary apparatus for separation of marketable biomass components. The intention is that the selected candidate will continue to be involved in technology scale-up from pilot plant to a demonstration-scale biorefining facility, and ultimately, commercial-scale, with duties including participation in site selection and liaison with an EPC firm. The candidate will report directly to the companys Chief Science & Technology Officer. The position will require a high degree of coordination with the companys engineering, laboratory, R&D operations and business teams.
Experience and Education (minimum):
1. Bachelors Degree in Mechanical and/or Chemical Engineering (Masters degree desirable).
2. Minimum of 5 years of experience as an Operations Manager (Experience with biomass processing is a plus).
3. Experience with Performance Planning, counseling and evaluation of employees.
4. Experience with flammable solvents at high pressure and temperature.
5. Experience with industrial and mechanical equipment fabrication, operation and maintenance. (Welding and electrical skills are highly desirable.)
6. Experience with an analytical laboratory environment.
7. Experience managing a company safety program and ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations.
8. Experience working in a small enterprise/start-up of
Required Skills:
1. Team player with the ability to both manage and work hands-on with other team members to accomplish various jobs, and to thrive in a collaborative and fast-paced R&D and lab/shop environment.
2. Ability to motivate employees, oversee tasks and effectively utilize personnel management skills.
3. Working knowledge of chemical processes, mechanical equipment, unit operations.
4. Ability to participate in a multi-task environment (all company employees wear more than one hat).
5. Familiarity with project management methodology.
6. Established Health, Safety and Environmental performance.
7. Ability to collaborate with, supervise and direct scientists, supervisors, and engineers.
8. Effective written and oral communication skills.
9. Ability to work in a start-up environment, initiative to ensure all bases are covered
Job Functions:
1. Manage R&D programs, specifically the technical activities of the R&D team working to commercialize the Companys biorefining technologies.
2. Prepare performance plans and evaluations for employees, counsel employees as appropriate to improve performance and resolve issues.
3. Develop project plans, budgets, schedules and performance requirements as related to contract agreements with clients.
4. Collaborate with and manage technical and operations staff to establish project scope, design and schedule.
5. Direct shakedown, commission and troubleshoot equipment and process.
6. Direct weekly multi-disciplinary project meetings.
7. Collaborate with strategic partners, consultants and others.
8. Contribute to the development and preparation of new intellectual property and grant applications.
9. Interface with the business team to implement and accomplish company goals and contract milestones.
This position is open to candidates authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis for any employer. Please note that relocation expenses are not offered.

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